isneyland has simply been the best way to start off my December! My sister is absolutely obsessed with Disney, so I promised her a trip just the two of us before her annual pass expired. It turns out that Sunday's are the best day to go because we were able to hit 7 rides within only two hours!! Oh and my number one tip is to use fast passes. They were a life saver and allowed us to cut the line completely! 

The whole park was beautiful at night when all the lights came up! I have to say it was so hard taking photos around the park and I'm just lucky I have these to share let alone ones at night! So perhaps I next time I will start earlier in the day, haha. 

I've been to Disney many times yet for the first time I went on Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad (which is now my favorite), and Winnie the Pooh. It was so much fun. The only ride I wish we could have seen for Christmas is the Haunted Mansion, however, It's A Small World was a two hour wait ,which kept us behind schedule. I can't wait to go back because my sister is the best person to go with!! 



h my gosh you guys!! This will be the last small goals post of the year. Absolutely crazy how fast this year is flying by. I am officially done with college for my fall semester and it feels freeing. Over the weekend I have loved scrolling through my favorite blogs to catch up on everything I seemed to miss during my finals week, and it is making me so excited to write my own content now.

I am going to be brainstorming some new content for the beginning of the year, so if you can think of anything in particular you'd like to see comment below! I'd love some suggestions.

November goals...

1. Blog more | Ugh. My blog has been lacking content but I hope this will change come January!

2. Christmas shopping | I still have two more people to shop for.

3. Drink more water | Yes, I've done this so much more and its helping me.

4. Find podcasts to listen to | Nope. This one is soo hard for me. Any suggestions?

5. Get a pedicure | I didn't have time with finals. I need to do this though.

December goals...

1. Preschedule blog posts | I can't wait to tackle this.

2. Read a book | I have a book I've been meaning to finish and I know I'll be able to considering its a beautiful coffee table type of book.

3. Make a Christmas recipe | I would love to make some desert for the holiday.

4. Catch up on journaling | I haven't been journaling since I left for the semester and I need to stay updating on all different ones I have.

5. Watch Holiday Movies | Netflix has so many good Christmas movies I have been saving for this month like White Christmas and Grinch.



logging for six years has produced a lot of content and constant brainstorming. I still have so much to tackle when it comes to my dream photo shoot spots, and today's post was one of them. This green coat worked so perfectly for this gorgeous backdrop!! We visited our favorite spot at Avila Farm, which is full of local produce, candy, and bakery goods, along with animals to feed. It is truly so much fun to buy a few snacks and walk around especially this fall with the colored trees. 

When I drove in and saw their fresh Christmas trees lined up all over the property, I fell in love. It smelt like fresh pine all day. My family has stuck with a fake tree for years now so any chance of being around a real one that smells good is my favorite! 

This sums up the last scheduled posts from our Thanksgiving weekend trip up North! It was so much fun and nice to getaway from everything. I'm back at Vanguard now, but I only have two weeks left until my winter break. I'm officially on countdown now, haha!  



he Garden Shed is the cutest little center in Cambria. It's full of boutiques, home goods, and garden stores. Cambria is s tiny beach town with about a 2 mile strip of restaurants, shops, coffee, and even community needs such as a church and post office. So for me, the Garden Shed has the most unique shops, and prettiest courtyard. 
This one shop called 'Grow' is full of succulents! It was so gorgeous with the sunlight I had to do a mini shoot. Made me wish I actually had a succulent or plant lady graphic tee to wear for the occasion, haha. So if you are in Cambria enjoying the beach side and feel like hoping into town check out the Garden Shed!!