he university life everyone craves is something I can officially understand. I longed for this day to come where I could call a university my home and now that I have there are a few things that don't live up to the hype. College is wonderful and perhaps I'll write a separate post on that, however, people fail to mention the bumps in the road that a given to all universities.

This isn't a list of things I hate about where I'm at and have had to deal with, but things I believe every future college student needs to think about. Being prepared never hurt.

1. It's hard to meet people. 
Coming in with a clean slate it often the attitude everyone clings to believing it will gain a new group of friends - like yours truly! I hate to burst your bubble but, pop. It's not easy connecting with people, given the fact that you have to start completely over. No one yours past, problems, habits, or personality yet. You no longer have memories, inside jokes, or mutual friends anymore. Nothing connects you and others aside from common connections of similar lifestyle choices.

2. The roommates. 
Is it nice to live on campus and be apart of the community? Absolutely. It's what I waited forever to have. Yet, don't be surprised if the roommates you are thrown with don't match your room application form they used to understand who you are. Living with others is a challenge and takes lots of compromising on your part. Just something I knew when I came in yet not the extent on how it would affect me, so something I'd keep in mind if I was you!

3. Traveling abroad is expensive. 
Some universities make it the same price as a normal semester would be no matter the location of your destination. However, with mine this isn't the case. Summer tours are more common, therefore making this a completely separate cost aside from the annual tuition fees. This isn't the end of the world, however I came in with a complete false sense of hope thinking I could be apart of such an opportunity (but we'll see:).

4.  Choir is a huge commitment. 
I think everyone knows this, and I truly understood the schedule, and dedication!! It's just like joining sports. However, don't be fooled to believe tours, concerts, and rehearsals are all there is to be done. Private music lessons, and sectional rehearsals are fit into your weekly schedule come the first week of school. Totally not an issue for myself as I'm soaking in all the learning and practice as I can, yet something I wasn't aware of while planning my schedule.

5. The cafe. 
No matter what anyone tells you about the cafe, you will get tired of it!! Freshman 15 is also a thing to prepare for, however it might not happen through the cafe. But rather eating out all the time, because your over the cafe food, haha.



ay! Sunday is here. It's always bitter sweet as Monday then follows haha. But, Sunday's are the days I have zero regret from binging Netflix. Today I am doing just that. I came home for the weekend, so I have plans to enjoy my own room while journaling and watching Gilmore Girls!

I only have 3 weeks left of college, and I'm thrilled. It's gone by so fast. I have a lot coming up this last month such as finals, presentations, and my choir's Christmas production. This semester has been filled with so many changes, and bitter situations, but I'm finally feeling connected on campus!!

Anyways, let's dive into today's post. I've read some great articles this week, I hope you enjoy them too.

Web Love: 
I found this darling online apparel company, and now I want to buy every shirt they're selling. I love graphic tees, and they have so many to chose from! The fonts used for every saying is also my favorite, calligraphy! My favorite tee is the Gilmore Girl one!!

Blog Post:
My friend Veronika from 'Girl and Closet,' posted such a related blog post that I have to share with you all! This was back from October but nonetheless, I had to feature it. First of all, her sense of style is adorable, and always so inspirational in the fall season. Her outfit post styled sneakers with skinny jeans. I loved this because it's so relatable. I find this combination hard to pair, especially at school, as everyone walks around with their heels. Yet, she pulled it off so well. Be sure to give her some love.

YouTube Video: 
Claire Marshall is the cutest. Her style is edgy, just classic. Her latest YouTube video is an outfit of the day, and I love it. Her video is so creative, you'll have to check it out! :)

Instagram Account: 
If your one who loves home decorating then this account will spark some great ideas. I just want to go buy my own home and be married now haha.



ow! November is here, and I just saw on my Bloglovin' feed that only four blog posts have been published since my last monthly goals! Ugh, time has escaped me! My whole October month has felt busier than any finals week. But, it's always nice to keep busy so I'm not complaining.

I've been attending so many extra events, and meetings at college all of which I can't wait to blog more about. My classes at Vanguard at literally the best, and my professors are so helpful. I have only five weeks left of this fall semester, and then I'll have one month off for holidays!!! I'm holding on for that.

I'm so excited for my Thanksgiving break, my family and I are going away for the holiday! I'm counting down the days. Traveling is my favorite thing in the world!!

October goals...

1. Take Photos of my Dorm Room | This one hasn't been easy to do because it's been overcast and gloomy in Costa Mesa, so the lighting just isn't right. 

2. Have My Friend Emily Out | I loved having her out. It was so much fun, and you can see one of our fun outings here

3. Go to a Pumpkin Patch | I decorated pumpkins, but did not go to a pumpkin patch this year. 

4. Share a Playlist | Another post idea I'll have to put on the back burner. 

5. Create a Twitter | I did it! You can follow me here

November goals...

1. Blog More | Okay I knew blogging would be hard once my pre-scheduled posts came to an end, but not this hard. I really would love to crank out at least 6 this month. Wish me luck. 

2. Christmas Shopping | I'd love to get some Christmas shopping done before it becomes stressful. I've done it before, so I know it's not impossible. 

3.Drink More Water | I was doing great but then stopped carrying around my hydroflask. I need to start filling it up at the cafe, and drinking more water. Period. 

4. Find Podcasts to Listen to | Podcasts would be perfect for me, considering how much I commute home on the weekends. Do you have any to suggest? 

5. Get a Pedicure | I haven't done this for myself in a long time, and it's about due!! 



t's no secret that I am fall's biggest fan! I come alive during this season mostly because it's a time when my weeks become more relaxing as daylight savings happens, I'm able to bundle up in cold weather, and delight in pumpkin treats!! For some reason it's like my whole world is able to take a moment and slow down.

Every year I put together a list of activities or moments I'd love to do during this season. My typical "fall" here in Southern California looks so different than for those in New York. Our leaves won't turn red until late November, if we're lucky! It doesn't snow here, so hunter boots are useless. Last year even a leather jacket became too warm!

So as I put this list together, I became very intentionally of how I have to view "fall." Nevertheless, I am so happy autumn is here, and I can't wait to start celebrating by crossing off my bucket list! What are some ways you want to engage in fall this year?

1. Throw a pumpkin carving party.
Pinterest has given me enough ideas for my pumpkin to last a lifetime, haha. Come October my hope is to throw a mini fall party with festive snacks and drinks, along with pumpkin crafting in my dorm with friends!

2. Fall photo-shoot. 
This can be said come every holiday or season for me! I've never done one at a pumpkin patch, so I'm hoping this will be my year!

3. Eat a caramel apple.
I didn't do this last year, and it was so sad, lol. Up at Riley's Farm they have the best, so a trip up there over the weekend is ideal.

4. DIY a halloween costume. 
Being at college I'm sure there will be some type of event, and I've heard it's a blast. So, I want to actually dress up something super fun, but simple!

5. Watch the sunset at the beach. 
I'd love to visit Crystal Cove here in Orange County and capture some beautiful sunset photos. Right now at Vanguard they are so beautiful, and I keep saying imagine the view at the beach!!! Curling up on the sand with a jacket is my type of beach visit!

6. Bake a fall treat. 
Baking something with my mom during this season is always so much fun. I love experimenting, and trying new recipes! This year I'm thinking either spice muffins, or a marble pumpkin loaf.

7. Decorate my dorm room. 
Simple decorations are a must. I picked up some string lights, and window decals and I already love the fall inspiration. Now I need my glitter pumpkins, cozy throw, decor banners, and a few fall scents for my dorm (since candles aren't allowed).