y purse is something I stopped carrying around with me while running errands, going to college classes, or even to work. I relied on my backpack for everything because I constantly needed my laptop, textbooks, and pens throughout the day because of my college schedule, since everyday consisted of attending my classes. I loved the system I created with my backpack, but after a while it began to be really heavy on my shoulders and back, and my work/college hours just recently lowered. Therefore, I'm not in any need of carrying my backpack around anymore, thank God! Now, that I'm on a normal, less busy schedule this summer I now have a tremendous need for my bag on a daily basis!

Oh, how I missed my purse SO much! It's so nice to have everything I need (minus textbooks) without hurting my shoulders in the process. However, now that my purse is taken everywhere, I needed to organize it in a functional way. My space is limited, unlike my backpack where I packed everything but the kitchen sink inside of it, haha!

So while going through and narrowing down the items I truly needed on a daily basis, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my list with you here on the blog. I tried to be practical, yet functional while putting together my list, so here are 14 things you should always try to keep inside your bag on the go! I love that I have this all figured out, especially before leaving for that University lifestyle!


1. Notebook : jot down any notes, or shopping lists. 
2. Pen - for above. 
3. Emergency Cash:  never know when you'll run into those small town stores that only accepts cash. 
4. First Aid Kit: this is where I keep a few bandaids, nail clippers, Motrin, cough drops, etc. 
5. Headphones: used for the gym, at work, or studying in a coffee shop. 
6. Mobile Phone Charger: I use this all the time, it's a life saver. 
7. Lotion: bye dry skin. 
8. Gum or Mints: used for those boring class lectures, or bad breath. 
9. Sunglasses:  a must in the summertime, and perfect to have when my car doesn't. 
10. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins: ahh, something I recently added to my bag, literally makes all the difference when I'm having a bad hair day! 
11. Feminine Products: for the time you least expect it! 
12. Mirror: check your makeup throughout the day. 
13. Day Planner: keep your calendar near to add or remove appointments. 
14. Rings: my knuckle rings instantly make me feel put together. Select your fave piece of jewelry to throw in your bag.



appy Friday my friends!! I thought it be the perfect time to do a little life lately update, I haven't done one since February. A lot has been going on, and honestly right now I'm just preparing for Vanguard come August. I officially have four weeks left until I move on campus, and I can't wait. I still need a few last minute items for my dorm room, and school supplies for my classes once Target brings out their back to school section haha.

On a different note today I am actually going up to Hume Lake to visit my sister who is working up there right now! I've missed her so much, and so I've been count down for this mini weekend stay since I had to say 'see you soon' at the end of May. I hope to have some fun photographs from our trip on the blog after this weekend, so stay tuned!!


Watching: Right now I'm obsessed with police and crime shows! Blue Bloods season seven just came up on Netflix, and it's so good. However, does anyone else suspect it's the last season? I hope that's not the case. Another tv show I just started watching is Hawaii 5-O. I love it, because it's so extreme.

Drinking: This summer I've been craving lemonade, and I found that Chick Fil A has the best!

Busy With: Summer college classes! I'm taking nine units, all within six weeks!

Loving: My new bedding from Pottery Barn Teen for my dorm room! It's gonna be weird sleeping in a twin bunk bed, especially coming from my queen, but I think this aloha patchwork quilt will make up for that! lol.

Thinking About: What to blog about once I begin college this fall. I don't know how my set up will be in my room such as lighting, photo styling props, etc. Will I have enough time to care about my blog and be consistent? I'm not sure, therefore I'm trying to brain storm many posts I can preschedule here in my room at home. Any thoughts to help me out?

Wishing: I could have more time with my sister before I move on campus. She comes home the night before I head out. I guess I'll have to make the most of this weekend!

Thankful For: Cold air conditioning! It's so hot here in So-Cal. Some days are over 100 degrees. Yikes.



f you can remember way back when...I wanted to dedicate five days in a row to one particular topic or concept in my life to encourage discipline or perhaps just spark a new interest in my life. I wrote this down for in 2017 new years resolutions, but it unfortunately never stuck. Perhaps it was my lack of motivation or choice of theme to keep me going all five long days in a row, lol.

This time around I thought long and hard on something I need to be doing, just as much as I would like to as well. My want/need combo really worked for me as I began to focus on self care in a way that I regretted not doing it sooner. In the end my mindset as to how I see my self care regiment began to change. Now I try super hard to bring it into my me-time during the afternoon, so that I never lose sight of why and how I can form some self care love for myself (more on that below)!

Day 1. Make a Sugar Scrub & Use It. // I made this DIY recipe, and I loved the way my shower time was filled with such yummy scents of vanilla and brown sugar. Making my own scrub helped me take some time to focus on myself. I love being able to be crafty and resourceful on my own. Plus it left my skin smooth and hydrated.

Day 2. Sun Tan While Reading. // On Tuesday I put my bathing suit on, laid out my beach towel on the lawn, and read a magazine. My intension was to read a book, but it's not exactly what you do in the moment, it's more about carving out that moment that matters. I spent about 25 minutes laying in the sun to tan, and it felt wonderful.

Day 3. Light a Candle & Blog. // This was such a fun time!! I didn't set any time length as to how long I was going to let myself blog and be on the internet, rather just took my time and stopped when I wished. I use to always light candles, I mean I only own six in my bedroom! This made my room feel like a little retreat spot.

Day 4. Deep Condition My Hair // On Thursday I didn't have a lot of time to really practice self care, so to squeeze it in, I conditioned my hair after I took a night shower. It was simple and quick, but so needed as my hair is so fine!

Day 5. Listen to Old Tunes. // I decided to create a playlist filled with oldies but goodies of my childhood country music days! Country music are my roots, and finding certain songs were a blast to listen to, as I truly forgot about my love for Michele Branch, and The Wreckers.

What I learned...days are short and busy. They don't go as planned. One minute I'm productive the next unmotivated. I have appointments, errands to run, and people to visit. But, taking 2-45 minutes of self care activities help me feel more put together, happy, and beautiful. I didn't except such small activities to boost my mood like they did. Taking moments for myself is suppose to create a healthy mindset as to how I view myself, and wanting to feel more refreshed through my emotions and moods. Am I important enough to care for? Important enough to fix, or change? YES! This challenge has taught me to appreciate the small steps of truly caring for myself!



h my it's July already! I hope you all had a great 4th. I used the day as a time to relax and enjoy the fire works show. I'm facing July with excitement but also a bittersweet attitude as it's my last full month at being home before VU. I still have so many things I want to accomplish on my bucket list for the summertime, along with gathering everything for my move out weekend. I have a lot to add below for my goals so let's hop in today's post.

My June goals were...

1. Make My Bed Everyday | I did this!! Woo-hoo. It felt so good to take action and be productive first thing every morning. It is a small action, but my habit stuck.

2. Find A New Journal | I did not find one yet. I have been searching on Rifle Paper and Anthropologie, but I want to wait til I find one in person while shopping.

3. Finish My Novel | Yes! Expect a book club discussion at the end of the month!

4. Do 4 Photoshoots For The Blog | I managed to do this one too. I have a few posts scheduled in my box and that makes me so happy!

5. Send Snail Mail | I was able to send my sister a total of three letters this month! She loved receiving them, and I realized how much I missed the joy of writing in pretty stationary.

My goals for July...

1. Have Everything Done For VU | This includes all last minute shopping for dorm supplies, paper work, loans, and clothes shopping. I don't want to stress over anything come August.

2. Blog 10 Times | I really would love to break out ten posts this month. In June I published a total of six. I've been doing so good this summer but the more the better right? I hope this stretches my creativity in photography and blogging post ideas.

3. Deep Cleanse My Room | Oh my! I made a list today and I have a lot to keep myself busy! Underneath my bed needs to be sorted through, wardrobe collection, junk drawers, dusting, etc.

4. Try 3 New Hairstyles | My hair is a little short right now, mostly because I didn't know what 2 inches were when I told my hairdresser to go ahead and chop that much off! Wheres the monkey emoji covering it's eyes? haha. Even though I have loved it being straight, I would love to have more go-to styles especially for college. Now is the perfect time to play around with my Pinterest pins.

5. Bible Journal | I was super big into this hobby of mine but then stopped for no good reason. I want to get back in it, and also spend more time reading the Word.



ope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! My family and I had a BBQ, and baked some delicious desserts such as this lemon pie. On my summer bucket list I wanted to bake something new, and so yesterday I did just that! It was so fun, and super easy to accomplish.

So in the Magnolia Journal from the spring issue 2, there was a recipe I saved and it was this lemon pie! It's such a light, fresh, and flavorful recipe. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it because I'm not a huge lover of lemon, but I had to try it out anyways. Within my first bite, I was so happy that I was wrong. I loved it. It's a recipe I will definitely keep in my recipe box, and make many times in the future, especially for big parties because it's a desert everyone will love too.

Gram Cracker Crust:
1 1/2 cup gram crackers (21 squares)
1/3 cup sugar
6 tbsp. melted butter

Lemon Filling: 
3 cups sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks
2/3 cup lemon juice

Whipping Cream: 
1 cup whipping cream
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Make sure to either lightly butter or use non sticking spray in pie dish. Okay, to start the gram cracker crust, add in crushed crackers, and 1/3 cup of sugar. Stir in melted butter, and mix well. Then, press this mixture into the pan and bake for 8 minutes.

For the lemon filling in another bowl combine milk, egg yolks, lemon juice, and salt. Beat for 4 minutes, and then pour into the baked pan with the crust. Bake this whole pie for 10 minutes. Let cool on the counter for 45 minutes, and place in refrigerator for 1 hour to chill and set.

Now for the whipping cream, it's super easy!! Begin by adding whipping cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl. Beat on high until fluffy. Spread on cooled pie, and then top it off with some lemon slices, mint spring, or lemon zest for garnish!



auren Graham will forever be my favorite actress! So naturally, I picked up her book "Talking As Fast As I Can," as quickly as I could. When I heard she was discussing Gilmore Girls in an entire chapter in her book, I literally did the happy dance. Her book was too fun to read, and I loved getting to know more about her childhood, and journey to becoming a actress. I can't even remember or count for that matter, how many times I laughed my head off while reading certain pages. Spoiler alert; she is actually the same gal as Lorelei! Or, at least she writes, and talks like it - the two qualities that make Lorelei the best gal ever, or in this case Lauren Graham.

Okay enough babbling on, my love for Lorelei Gilmore is pretty evident, so let me share a few things I love in her novel.

1. Rabbit trails.
Boy does she take off and run with side notes, and leading her readers down rabbit holes. It's something I love, because in Gilmore Girls this is the way she explains herself. One thought will come out during a story or explanation and therefore you gain more info than needed. In the beginning of the book she talks a lot about her childhood, and what her relationship was like with her father. As she's recalling a particular memory she stops and adds in an entire monologue of her and her dad's conversation on the phone. Little things like this pops up throughout the whole novel, and it makes it all so personal as if she's having a conversation with you over coffee.

2.  Gilmore Girls.
Best chapter ever. Hearing about all the effort and ways this show came together was truly a miracle. Between the casting, hours, and competition with other tv shows, it all created many situations that could have stopped Gilmore Girls all together. Lauren talks a lot about how fun it all was because of how easy it was to become family with the whole cast. She talks a lot about how the hours were long and tiring, as the scripts would take hours to read through. Hence her famous talking fast reputation. They had to make it happen with 45 minutes on the air. You'll have read this chapter for yourself because I can't express how amazing it truly is!

3. Fame isn't pure glory. 
Lauren shared her journey on how difficult it was to break into Hollywood as an actress. To pursue her dream she spent years after college working two jobs, and barely having the money to be apart of certain institutions for the arts. I often imagine directors pursing their own cast by personally hiring their leading roles, but she also shed light on the challenges of auditions. To play a certain character the contract was never handed, yet earned after hours or months even to convince the directors to pick you. The spotlight of fame that comes with getting your dream job isn't often enjoyed because of the hours it takes to memorize the script, shoot all the scenes, be present at premiere events, and then promote and advertise where needed to keep the show going during off season of shooting. It may seem wonderful from the fan girls point of view, but for eight years she literally breathed, ate, and slept Gilmore Girls in order to become so famous. Made me realize such hard work that had to take place in order for this to be done.



y best friend Alex said 'I do' to the love of her life on June 3rd, and I was by her side as her bridesmaid. I flew out to Virginia for her big day, and I'm so happy I did. The wedding was beautiful and as you can tell from the photos, it felt like a hidden forest as the venue was covered with big beautiful trees, and the sunlight just made it all so magical. Alex has been my best friend since freshman year of high school, so it truly was such a joy to watch her grow and change through this special journey in her life. I couldn't be more happy! 

This wedding was my first experience as being a bridesmaid, and it was truly the best. From supporting your bestie, attending the bridal shower, picking out the dress, walking down the isle holding a boutique, to dancing like crazy with the wedding party is everything I love about being a bridesmaid! Here are 12 thoughts + memories of the wedding and trip from VA. 


1. My favorite thing about being a bridesmaid is being able to be involved in the whole process leading up to the wedding day. Seeing and participating behind the scenes of the event is so memorable. 

2. I caught the brides boutique! How awesome it that? I can cross that off my bucket-list haha. 

3. Virginia was so beautiful. Lynchburg is so different than Williamsburg, in the fact there are rolling hills with beautiful farm houses. Williamsburg feels like a closed in forest because of all the trees which is something I hate. But, oh my word it was so humid. 

4. I learned that Virginia's state slogan that can be found on every license plate is "Virginia is for lovers." 

5. Exploring Liberty University was so fun. It was massive, and so beautiful with all the brick buildings. 

6. Dancing to Sweet Home Alabama was my favorite. 

7. In the photos you can see that I changed my hair up a little bit with a half up do, and I loved trying something new. 

8. I loved that Alex had flower girls! I don't know why, but seeing flower girls pose for the camera with the bride kneeling down is just the iconic wedding photo! I must have flower girls at my wedding, haha. 

9. When the bride makes her grand entrance down the isle, I prefer to watch the grooms reaction instead because it's such a special moment when he see's his bride for the first time. 

10. I hope to be a bridesmaid many more times! 

11. Being able to do a sparkler exit at the end of the night was too cute. Before that day I had never used sparklers and now I'm obsessed. Would love to have this for my wedding one day. 

12. So thankful for this trip and I will remember it forever. 



ood morning friends! This week has been a great one, as I am still recovering from my trip to Virginia for my best friends wedding. Gotta love scheduled posts, lol. The entire trip was so much fun, as I have missed Alex more than I realized! I can't wait to post about my trip, and my experience as a bridesmaid...hopefully! Until that post goes live, be sure to check out my Instagram page as I couldn't put the camera down during my visit.

In the meantime, today I am putting out another Sunday morning reading roundup list of all the latest articles on the web and print that I enjoyed so much this past week. Anything you've been loving?

The YouTube Video:
Room tours are just the best videos to watch. Aspyn Ovard is my fave YouTuber ever, and she's finally getting around to decorating her house she bought last year. So her bedroom is just darling, and you must take a look!  

The Blogger:
Barefoot Blonde is a blog I have recently rediscovered in my feed through Bloglovin'. She's the cutest gal, mom, and wife ever! I seriously love how lifestyle and easy flowing her posts can be. She documents everything with her little ones, and everyday views! This last post was a favorite because 1. it made me miss Hawaii so much, 2. I would love to live somewhere different even if it was only for six months. You'll have to read the post yourself to understand where I'm coming from, but I just love how willing her family is to shake things up in life.

One Web Love: 
Since summer is here I've been collecting new inspiration within my bathing suit board on Pinterest, and I found one I absolutely love. Here is the one I have my eye on. I love a good old black suit because it's classic, and flattering. Plus I tan so easily the dark colors just seem to make my skin glow all the more!

The Magazine: 
One magazine I have had a blast looking and reading through is the Magnolia Journal. Joanna Gaines summer issue is too cute for words. Can we just talk about the front cover? Ahh, makes me want to rent a jeep and explore some tropical jungle. Cuteness aside, the articles are all about traveling, and summer vacay. What I love is that they aren't unrealistic, just perfect and simple ideas though to create your own beautiful summer plans!





Oh my gosh, summer is here!! I am so excited for this summer, and I'm determined to enjoy every possible day I can considering it's my last few months being home before the move to Vanguard. This summer I have a small bucket list that I thought I'd share on the blog!

The only bummer about this summer is that I'm taking three college summer classes! Blah! The only great thing, it that they happen to all be online. But really nine units? Wish me luck!

Onto my bucket list...go to the movies, start my summer reading list, drink lemonade, shop for my new dorm room, have a game night with my family, watch fireworks this 4th of July, make sure to have a nice tan, become a blonde again, print my iPhone photos, try new hairstyles, bake or cook a new recipe, create a summer playlist, and diy a summer sugar scrub.

Here's to a wonderful summer ahead!



his past weekend I attended Vanguard's registration and orientation day! I was able to sign up for my classes, meet with my counselors, meet incoming students, and give another tour to my parents. I finally feel like this is all becoming real, and my dream is happening! Now with my class schedule I am feeling prepared and so ready to start. I'm officially on countdown.

Thought I'd share a few photos from my day, along with five things I'm looking forward to at Vanguard come August!

1. Music camp: 
I mentioned this before once I announced my university, but I got accepted into the choir!! I'm not sure which one (co-ed or women's), but either I know I'll be content with. It's seriously a dream come true, as music has always been a passion of mine. I can't wait for music camp as it's four full days of auditioning, and practicing while meeting new friends. I read on the newsletter that a beach bonfire was included one night...can't wait.

2. Sporting Events:
The school pride at Vanguard is awesome! On social media I follow several accounts, and it gets me so pumped to be able to attend these games and events. At Vanguard we have track and field, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, cheer, and basketball! Okay, I'm off to go buy yellow everything to keep that pride alive!

3.  Living in Catalina: 
I am pretty sure my dorm will be in Catalina dorm room, as it's the place for all sophomores and transfer students like me! Catalina is the newest building on campus as it provides a walk in closet, private bathroom (with a bathtub), and air conditioning.Hoping to get a room with a view of the baseball fields!

4. Meeting New Friends: 
I could not be more excited to meet my roommates. They say college is where you meet those life long friends, so that's what I'm praying for.

5. Exploring Costa Mesa: 
Vanguard is located in Costa Mesa, Orange County. I've never lived anywhere near here, and I'm so excited to become a local. The beach, hipster cafes, and beautiful shopping malls are all within a 5-10 miles reach from my campus.